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Florida Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Impaired

Working with the Experts

December 6 and 7, 2012

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The Working with the Experts evaluations were overwhelming positive. Thank you to everyone for your patience, time, attention, and great participation. A special thanks to our fabulous presenters! This would never have been possible without their time and efforts to plan and provide the wonderful sessions. Several people mentioned that we should repeat it next year and we are looking into that possibility. We welcome your ideas to make it even better!


A Wonderland of Technology!

It is an exciting time in the field of visual impairments with new and evolving technologies available to students. This Working with the Experts provided hands-on experience with these new technologies. Writing the training materials and helping us to learn about these new technologies were:
Tiffany Bariberi, TVI from Hillsborough County
Chelsea Bridges, Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind
Susie Coleman, Braille Transcriptionist
Sue Glaser, FIMC-VI and FSU
Jennifer Hyland, Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind
Kathy Kremplewski, TVI, Hillsborough County
Shalene LaMotte, TVI, Hillsborough County
Jill Pfluke, TVI, Pinellas County
Kay Ratzlaff, FIMC-VI
Maureen Rich, TVI, HIllsborough County
Shannyn Robertson, TVI, Hardee County
Edwidge (Eddie) Ryan, TVI, Broward County
Lois Sanders, TVI, Highlands County
Jeff Schwartz, TVI, Broward County
Laura Thompson, TVI, Hillsborough County
Andrea Wallace, TVI, Pinellas County
Anna Whitman, TVI, Polk County

Opening Session PowerPoint: